Discernment 2015 – more details!

Thank you Samantha for the compilation!


– Put God into our everyday decisions and remind each other to do so

– More involvement and integration into each others’ lives. More spontaneous and organic gatherings e.g trips & hanging out

– Use whatsapp group to encourage each other

– Blog/website for archival purposes

– Use blog or social media for outreach purposes

– Increase faith and be more aware of our church’s teachings

– Deepen prayer life using various forms of prayer (e.g adoration)

– Reaching out to young adults e.g through retreats at tertiaries / to working adults

– A place of spiritual refuge for young people

– Extension of Landings for targeted group (e.g young working adults)? – KIV

Community name

It was a tough fight between ‘Twelve / Seven Graces’, ‘Ashes to Ashes’, ‘Olive Tree’, ‘Come as you are (CAYA)’…Or to stick with Budding Community. In the end, majority voted and decided on Seven Graces.

“Seven” is to symbolize perfection as we strive on this earthly journey with God and each other. “Graces” is incorporated because it is beyond our own intellect, efforts and control. Hence we ultimately need His Grace to sustain us through it all.


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