Finding God in Community

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and we gathered together in St Catherine’s Room for yet another great time together filled with sharing our ups and downs and not forgetting the awesome cookies Maureen brought 😀

We started out with our weekly check-ins and as we share our different feelings and activities, we later offered them all together to God with the hymn ‘I surrender’. After which, Brandon shared an article by Ron Rolheiser titled Finding God in Community. It serves as a timely reminder on how God is not about our single relationship with Him – “God is a flow of relationships to be experienced in community, family, parish, friendship, and hospitality”. Indeed, without Him, His gifts to us like patience, love and joy cannot exist if we cannot share it with anybody.

After which we proceeded to Lectio. The Sunday Gospel this week is taken from Mark 1:40-45. In this Gospel, we are reminded of Jesus’ grace and compassion as He immediately agreed to heal the Leper even though He knew the inconvenient it would bring Him. May we be always reminded of this when we encounter neighbours who require our help and support.

We ended with a sharing of what each of us are grateful for and we offered thanks to God together as we remain mindful of all the blessings that God has given us 🙂


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