SevenGraces community time

It is so easy to gather and enjoy each other in our fun and play, but once in a while, it is time to stop our tracks and wonder, where are we exactly as a community? More importantly, how have we placed God and our knowledge of the Truth in our community as we grow?

Hence we came together this week and pondered over the following questions:

(1) What has touched or inspired me from the past sessions?

(2) What is one area of improvement?

One overwhelming response is how people really loved the Taize sessions. I think perhaps it is something youths crave unknowingly – for a time to slow down and focus on songs, praise and worship. Once in a while, it is not what we know that defines where we are, but how we feel. And only when we quieten ourselves and put aside the noisy thoughts, can we truly feel that we are in God’s presence.

Interestingly as I type on this blog as well, we had a discussion on the various roles and purpose of our social media usage. For example, we have this – a blog – as a very first front to folks who want to know more about us and what we do. Other points of discussions include platforms on which we want to use to share anything from God’s word, social events or even small personal rants that we want to share with each other. As a community, we recognize that we strive on communication and knowing each other better =D So let’s jio each other out more often!! Not forgetting our social event this Sunday 🙂

Here is an insight to the upcoming events for the group!


With that, if you are a visitor who was introduced to this blog, or you simply stumbled upon it, feel free to leave a comment if you want to get to know what we do better. We are in the process of getting an official email for enquiries, but till then, leave a comment!!

Update: You may contact us via the CONTACT US link on the menu or email directly to God bless!


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