Renew your mind – Part 1

Romans 12:2
“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Have you ever felt stuck and lost in this World of Sin?
Have you wondered why sometimes we end up in this cycle of trying to do more things and earn more money, hoping to buy more things to impress the people we don’t even like?

In this new series, Brother Nick explains to us why sometimes we get so caught up in the ways of the World, which leads us to frantically grab and hold on to as many things as we can, only to end up only holding on to what we thought was important, but losing the more significant blessings that God has in store for us.

What will life be if there was no Sin?
What was the original plan God had for his people?

As it was in the Book of Genesis:
In the Garden of Eden, where God placed Adam and Eve, man was given everything he had ever needed. A garden so filled with fruits, goodness and harmony with God. Freedom was given to us and we needed nothing more, for God provided for everything our minds can conceive.

However, the serpent was more crafty than that and he said to the woman, “Did God say that You shall not eat from ANY tree in the garden?”, promising them of the God-like powers after they eat of the forbidden fruit. Unfortunately, Eve kept thinking of and coveted something that was not meant for her and started the beginning of Original Sin and its consequences being handed down for generations and even onto us.

Fast forward to our generation – It is once again by this act of grabbing and our own possessiveness of what we think we ought to have, that this snowball of sins banished us far from Eden.

“Fundamental flaw of human nature – inability to accept God’s will and taking matters into our own hands.”

So how to rectify that?
Brother Nick spoke of the Analogy of water at the waterfalls, the Waterfalls in Nature given free to us and free flowing for all to enjoy : you simply can’t grab the water, as much as you’d like to own this water, you can’t hold on to it. And the only way to enjoy it is to open your palms wide open so that you may receive and enjoy this glorious flow of water freely.

Is this course of thinking applicable to our current lives?

The deception of the evil one. – One of the most successful lies ever told and spun as a web of ideas is the concept of – “Fight for your own things, and trusting in yourself.”

How do we translate the grabbing action into a receiving one?

Open your hands.
How is God gonna give you what he wants to give you, if you are holding on so tightly?
Give up, and let His peace came back into your Life.

Christ showed us how it is done by letting go if his divinity to take on our humanity.
Acts of letting go included:
Being born in the stable – what’s seems like poverty was actually made good by the blessings of God.
He surrendered the power He once had by having to submit himself and give himself up for the sins of Man, so as to free us from our Original sin and for us to turn back towards God.

Is it foolish to think in this way and do it?
Of what may seem foolish to the thinking of this world we are in, that will actually gives us something else – the opportunity and chance to get closer to God.

What are the true gifts that are to be received?
Everything God has is yours.

What is it ultimately that we should be working hard for?
What are these concrete steps that can be taken before we can see the effects of Gods work in our lives?

Discernment – where Prayer meets Action.
Pray and take action. does it give peace or joy? Does it bear fruit?
Constantly challenge yourself to be a relationship with God.
A life of Dancing with God.
Constantly, we like to ask for God to give us the direction quickly and so off we go and get busy to get those things done, so that we can achieve all the miracles and put them under our own collection of self-made successes.
However, we can’t just take the gift and discard the giver.

– Inspired by God, written by Bartholomew

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