FYI: Ethics –  Module 4: Ethics of Love, Sex and Marriage by Fr Garcia

Hey folks, FYI, Father David Garcia is conducting a one year series of talks (Personal Moral Compass 2015). So check out the embedded link if you are interested!

Outline of Module 4. Ethics of Love, Sex and Marriage

Dates: 14, 21, 28 July; 4, 11, 18 August 2015

1. Today’s cultural perception of sex and love
– Understanding the roots of the perception of sex and love today
2. Philosophy of the Body
– Corrections to today’s cultural perceptions of love and sex
3. Ethics of Impersonal and Personal Sex
   – Morality of acts of impersonal sex: pornography, casual sex, etc.
   – Morality of sexual acts within a personal relationship: premarital sex
4. Marital Life, love and sex
   – The life of marriage implies a respectful sexual relationship.
   – Morality of contraception, adultery and divorce.
5. Same Sex Issues
   – Are same-sex unions equivalent to marriage? Homosexual acts and persons with SSA.
6. God in Marriage
  – Does Christian faith make any difference in the marital relationship?

All classes are held on Tuesday nights. Please refer to the course guide for the specific dates.
Time: 7:30p.m. to 9:30p.m.
Venue: Level 3, 55 Waterloo Street, Catholic Centre

Contribution: $60 per module

For more information and to register, interested applicants could refer to the Personal Moral Compass Course Guide 2015  and Personal Moral Compass Course – registration form for 2015 M3to6 or email to


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