The Treasure Hidden In A Field

Jason spent a day at a seminary where he had a session on vocational discernment.

He shared several great experiences (including a couple of inspiring videos about the priesthood), but this particular passage stood out for me: 


At first, it seems a little strange – if you found a treasure hidden in a field, why wouldn’t you just take it immediately? Why would you have to bury it, and then sell all that you have in order to buy it?

After some reflection, Jason learnt that this “Treasure” is so great and valuable that it far surpasses anything that we could ever imagine. Because it’s so valuable, without first selling all that we have we can never truly say that we own it.

It got me thinking – how often do we die to ourselves and “sell all that we have” such that we can truly call that treasure ours?

In the past, I wanted to receive that treasure without putting in the sacrifice. I went to Sunday Mass, occasionally read the Bible, and convinced myself that that was all I needed to get eternal life.

But after joining Seven Graces and discerning more about the Catholic faith, I realised that God wants our entire lives. It’s all or nothing. This entails service, sacrifice, and the wholehearted surrender of our lives to His desire.

It’s not an easy decision. It means laying aside our plans and answering God’s call.

Often, many people associate vocation and “answering God’s call” with priesthood. And yes, being a priest involves a great and noble sacrifice. One of our members likened it to “being married to the Church”.

But vocations aren’t just for the religious. We are ALL called to use our lives to serve God, perhaps starting with our own little community.

To discern God’s call and invitation to live out and fulfill our life’s mission, we need to ask ourselves:

  • What sort of person am I?
  • What are my likes and dislikes?
  • What are my hobbies, passions, interests?
  • What are my skills, gifts, talents?

We then need pray about it and trust that God always desires the best for us (even if we may not agree with it!)

Will you answer His call?


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