Our Christmas Party!


Joy to the world, the Lord is come! And indeed, how happy we were to spend Christmas together – just take a look at our wide smiles and at how baby Jamie is still enjoying her biscuit!

It was indeed a great time of food, fellowship, gift exchanges and of course, baby Jesus’ birthday! We also have other December babies right here!


I think like what Fr Jude said, we are indeed a miracle. From the little budding community, we are now Seven Graces where we have each other to joke around with, to laugh and cry with, to lean on when times are hard. And in such joy and comfort, it is so tempting to shut the doors to new people and protect this safe space that I have. Ironically, opening the doors was exactly how we came about to be!

I joined Seven Graces 12 months ago, it was Dec 2014. I still remember how warmly everybody welcomed me and gently taught me what check-in was all about and how to pray Lectio. Everything was so foreign to me because I was really nothing but a Sunday Catholic – or perhaps a sleeping Catholic –  since I spent most of my time in church drifting off and wondering what was for dinner. However, everything felt so familiar and so comfortable as well. Slowly I realize it was because this was what home should feel like. Everybody is unique, everybody has a different background, but we accept everybody as they are – with love.


Merry Christmas and I love you all ^^

God bless always!


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