Praying As One

Happy 2016 and blessed New Year!

We kicked off the year with our “As One” series, starting in a prayerful mood with a session on “Praying As One”.

At a time when we’re all busy making plans, setting KPIs for the year and preparing our kids for school, it was a timely reminder for us to slow down and remember that all these worldly plans don’t matter if we don’t have a relationship with God.

And what else forms the foundation of our relationship with God but PRAYER?

So that’s why we decided to start the year off on the right note by reminding ourselves of the importance of prayer, both in our own lives as well as in our community. In fact, prayer is the very fabric that binds each and every one of us to each other, as well as to God:

“Do all you can to preserve the unity of the Spirit by the peace that binds you together.” – Ephesians 4:3.

We then broke off into groups and reflected on:

  • The joys and struggles in community life
  • How us, as community members, can pray and help each other

It was an interesting reflection because it took the focus away from ourselves, and redirected it to how we live and participate in the community.

Because unlike other secular organisations, our community life and personal life are inextricably intertwined: One affects the other, and we feel that it’s important to share in the joys and struggles of our fellow members.

And finally, we wrapped it up with a beautiful prayer session where we all prayed over each other and asked God to help us through our own unique struggles.

It was a wonderful, moving session where I was especially reminded how God and my fellow community members were here for me, and it really help set my priorities right for 2016.

As we embark on our lives, our joys, and our struggles this new year, let us remember to keep on praying – for us and for each other. Through our prayers, let us remember to continue building and strengthening our relationship with God in all that we do!


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