Living as One

Hello hello good day to everybody 🙂

As a second chapter to our 4 part series – we have this week’s theme as “Living as One”.


In preparation for this session, I would think that Brandon and myself (Esther here btw =p) really had a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon what exactly in the first place is community, why does it exist and why do we want it?

It kind of started out with a big theme word – solidarity. Because initially what we recognized for community to grow well is that we consciously practise solidarity together. And in search of that, we found the following video from YouTube which tells us community how we bring heaven to earth. Btw, we cropped out the video for the purpose of the session but you may watch the full video below:

But how can one teach solidarity? If one makes a forced obligation – is that still solidarity?


So let’s keep that question aside – and first take a look at what is communion?

Communion is, above all, a gift from God…It is a great gift of the Holy Spirit, to be gratefully accepted and to be lived with a deep sense of responsibility. This is concretely realized through participation in the life and mission of the Church.

– Christifideles Laici n.2o

So we learn being in communion with one another in a community, there is this strong sense of being TOGETHER – that we are in this together. Solidarity could be easily misunderstood as me providing help to the one in need when in actual fact, it goes much deeper than that.

As Saint John Paul II states:

Solidarity is not a feeling of vague compassion or shallow distress at the misfortunes of so many people, both near and far. 

Instead, it is when you don’t feel the burden and you are working things out together (whether in the sharing of joy or pain). In fact, the situation is as much as your situation as for your brother or sister.


And if you think – wow that’s a super high calling. Sure meh, anybody can meh, our community can meh, I can meh?? Let’s look back at how our church and we have done – learning from our Lord!



And very likely you have already experienced some sort of solidarity – whether in joy or in sorrow with your family members, your friends or somebody from community! Do take some moments to think about it and give thanks to God!

  1. Think of a time when you first joined the community, what touched you? What attracted you to stay?
  2. Think of a time when somebody was kind to you, or sacrificed something to help you?





Remember, we are in this TOGETHER! ^^



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