Community Time


I really like the quote above – The power of humbly praying together. A lot of times we may be tempted to take the easy route, to make quick and efficient decisions according to what we think. However, I really take comfort that in our community, we are able to spend time together, pray through it and offer up our discussions to God.

Today marks our first community time for 2016! So for any visitors to our blog, community time is when everybody gets together to provide feedback / hold discussions with regards to past sessions or on anything else for our community. At the same time, we also allocate time for logistic updates from each service team if required. For this community time, we conversed on two main topics – personal family struggles with community and service team structure.




We first invited everyone to share within their flocks (small groups) their personal struggles with community. This may include struggles with work commitments, family commitments, balancing with children etc. It was very heartening to not only hear people opening up about their lives, but also to bring up potential issues they feel their brothers / sisters in Christ may be facing. We then shared within community on some possible ways we could help support each other in our struggles. It is also important to recognize that sharing or listening to somebody may or may not solve their problem in a tangible immediate manner. However, it is crucial that we are there to journey through it together!

We also discussed about our current service team structure which was started up almost one year ago when we were still known as the Budding Community =D It is quite amazing how we have grown since then. We broke up into service team groups and exchanged ideas on how we could restructure to better manage our service teams. At the same time, we were also interested in how we could help new members transit smoothly to serving the community.

With that, we ended with a prayer together. Mark your dates for the next community time on 19 Mar 2016! God bless!


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