Faith story sharing (continued)

Hello guys and happy Lent! In this period of Lent, we are asked not only to fast on something – in order to better our relationship with God, we are also called to feast on spirituality! Feast? Did you read right? Yes! God also invites us to put on happy smiles as we can choose to feast on perhaps reading more scripture, spend more time at the adoration room just basking in His Glory or maybe just a few more Hail Marys for the intentions of people around you!

And speaking of happy smiles, this week as we embark on our faith story sharing in our flocks, Jason reminded us to reflect upon how Jesus and the people around us have impacted our lives in one way or another. As this video illustrates, the science of happiness is to remember these people and moments and to show gratitude.

After we recognize on how Jesus or our brothers / sisters in Christ have helped us, we are also called to reflect upon our past and contemplate about what were our desires, our needs and our dreams before we encountered God.

It is also extremely important not to stop there. As we recognize our ‘did nots’, our missed moments, we are reminded that everyday is a new day, every moment is a new clean slate. Whatever you are called to do, you can plan it right now, pray to God for strength and perseverance and work on it right away =D




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