Chasing the bus



It is amazing how the little things give you great insight on how you lead your life in bigger ways. I was heading out to Office for Young People (OYP) for Treasure retreat and according to schedule, I could see that Fr Jude was due to speak at 9:15pm. The time was then 8:30pm and I knew that I would most certainly be late.

I stepped onto the road intersection to cross it and my heart leapt at the sight of bus 161 – the first bus I had to take on my journey. At the same time, I panicked. The bus had already reached the road intersection and I may not reach the bus stop in time. I knew that if I miss this bus, the next would probably come only 15 minutes later. Lugging all my baggages, I ran as quickly as I could across the road and towards the bus stop. My heart was pounding and my legs were hurting but I forced myself forward as I prayed to God.

And the thing is this. In life, we can tell ourselves that we have a loving almighty Father and that we can cry out to Him in confidence. And yet, so many of us struggle desperately even after we say we surrender to God. To the extent that we cause hurt to ourselves and to others.

Panting and worn out, I reached the bus stop and turned back. Bus 161 was still waiting at the road intersection.




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