Lent – a journey with God


Credits: friesmoravian.files.wordpress.com


There lives a man who says, “I love God so much that I want to die early. All so that I can see God sooner.”

Here is the question. What are your thoughts about this man and what he says? This was the question posed by Fr Jude at Nox Gaudii on 18 March 2016. A few brave souls shouted out:


“We should see Jesus in everyone on earth!”

“But we live to do God’s work!”

Fr Jude then invited us to contemplate on the heart of Christianity. Whether is it a physical sign, a spiritual concept or an action that we do, the cross is ubiquitous. We display the crucifix everywhere in churches, at home, across our necks and we mark our tombs with the cross. We receive blessings with the sign of the cross. Jesus dying on the cross is the heart of Christianity and His death was so that we may have life. If so, then how could we give up something so precious? Surely if a loved one died for you, you wouldn’t be seeking death to see the loved one again. Instead, you would strive to live your life the best you can so that the death was not in vain.

I thought that it was a very apt point to bring across in the season of Lent. It is common to hear that people abstain from meat, instagram, video games, tv, junk food etc for 40 days. However, what happens when Easter comes? Is it a time to pat yourself on the back and proclaim to the Lord “Well done me, I was strong and abstained from xxx for 40 days.” and proceed to binge on the abstained item / action? Of course, there is no discredit to give up something during Lent so as to improve your quality of life and relationship with God. However, we may be threading on a very fine line and allowing the “MEs” and pride to creep into our beings.

At the same time, let us challenge ourselves to truly walk with God every moment of our days. In every interaction, in every piece of work that we do, in every step that we take, we do it with God in the hope to imitate Jesus.

As we enter Holy Week, let us also focus on listening to God’s voice. To recognize that regardless our moments of perceived strength or weaknesses, they are all transient. We will perpetually need God to obtain genuine freedom and to walk towards our final goal of eternal life with Him in heaven.


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