Shine Jesus Shine!

7 May 2016 was a joyous day for our community as we celebrated the union of our brother and sister in Christ!


In the days prior to 7 May, being the candid and comical couple they are, there were many jokes about what could possibly happen on the actual day, what would happen and what should definitely not happen!

Yet jokes aside, yesterday was a beautiful wedding infused by the couple’s values and personality, and one that was overflowing with love – A love that is genuine, selfless and Christ-centred.

I was also very touched as I listened to their Thank You speech. It was the first time I heard a couple giving 3 cheers! to God. Thanking God for providing them the opportunity to meet and grow with each other, thanking God for their parents’ love and upbringing, and praising God for the experiences and support they’ve received from community and  friends which have brought them to the altar.

I did ponder for a moment if their non-believing guests would feel uncomfortable and think of them as weirdos for putting God on a pedestal… But wait a minute, aren’t we all called to be fools for Christ?

So from the bottom of our hearts, Thank you Lionel and Pei Shan for being witnesses of God in your lives, through your wedding and now, marriage.

Indeed, God surprises us in unexpected ways and His love is unconditional 🙂 May we continue to seek Him in the ordinary and encounter Him in our everyday.

Shine Jesus Shine!


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