What I learned from the flock system

By Carrie


In our last community time, the members of 7G came together to discuss and reflect on the flock system that we launched in January. In a blink of an eye, 4 months of being in our flocks have ended and it is now time for us to decide where and how do we go from here. Thinking back on these four months, these are some of the things I have come to realize.

1. The flock system works because we are supportive of each other

It’s wonderful to have a group of like minded individuals to share prayers and your daily grind with, and this only works because of the people that the flocks are made up of. We are extremely blessed to have a community that is supportive and lift one another up in times of trouble and through the stresses of the workplace. For me, this happened when I whatsapped my unsuspecting flock one night on how I was on the verge of breaking down because I was exhausted and overwhelmed from dealing with two young children and a confinement nanny who was a foreign presence in my house. My flock members not only offered their prayers, they prayed with me too. And each one of them even messaged me in the days after that night to check up on me. The love and concern from my flock helped me through that trying time and made me feel so much less alone in my struggles.

2. I am more aware of my prayer life

I have a shepherd who lovingly sends out weekly prayer suggestions that serve as reminders for me not to neglect my prayer life. Yes, life is busy and it isn’t easy to find time for quiet reflection, but if i have the time to be reading and answering Whatsapp messages on my phone, I have the time to set aside talking to Jesus. The prayer suggestions also help me be more focused in my time with God. I don’t know about you, but some times, I simply fall back on the prayers I know and have used a dozen times because I feel like I have nothing to pray for! After being in my flock, my prayer circle has expanded so much more to include people that I wouldn’t have thought of myself, and this has in turn made me more aware that I am part of a world that is much larger than myself and my life.

3. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

In our random group discussions, it became very apparent that the way the girls used the flock system was vastly different from the way the guys in the 7G community used it. It even came up that perhaps the flocks should remain single gendered, as it could very possibly add more direction and focus for the individual flock members. Many members of the 7G community offered that single gendered flocks allowed for its members to feel more at ease as issues and sensitivities were unique to each gender and this in turn created an open avenue and safe space for members to share freely, as compared to a mix gendered flock. I too, felt that while I knew I could definitely share freely with everyone in the community, I would be more willing to share issues more sensitive with girls in my flock as I know that they’ll probably be able to relate and understand my perspective more easily. With that said though, mix gender flocks could allow each gender to view issues from a different perspectives also, and lead to more growth as community! Whatever the flock combination, the important thing, I suppose, to remember is that we are all children of God, and brothers and sisters in Christ who uphold the integrity of sacred trust!

It has been an extremely rewarding experience journeying with my sisters in our flock. May the holy spirit now guide our pastoral team as they decide together with the flock team the direction for our flock system in the coming few months ahead!


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