Jesus our Greatest Treasure

Our community had the privilege to listen to four personal testimonies last Saturday!  As the four of them stepped up to serve in various ways for the Treasure Retreat in Feb 2016, there were a lot of inertia and personal crosses to bear.  Yet, despite the doubts, feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, helplessness and heaviness of heart, they pressed on to serve God and His people.

Here’s a summary of some of their personal revelations but nothing beats the real deal 🙂

  • Having a true and confident self-image
    Many would advise that it’s way cooler to go for hot fashionable ladies and macho men! But Jesus says if the guy likes you for the clothes you wear and the way you look (and vice versa), it’s not worth it.  For truly, it’s your heart for God that matters and will last.
  • Putting others’ needs before self
    Stomach growling, head spinning, ankle sprained… I still got to serve others?!?  You got to be kidding Lord!  Yet they persevered, and in their giving, there was receiving.  In their serving, there was healing.
  • Loving each other as God loves us
    The world says to ignore and withdraw if you have something against someone, when misunderstandings occur or when friction arises.  But Jesus says to pluck up courage to make the effort to reach out all the more, to share the hurts felt and to seek forgiveness from each other.  Not easy, but possible by the grace of God.
  • Seeking a personal encounter with Jesus in the here and now
    Who is Jesus to me, really?  There are a thousand and one reasons why we put on hold opportunities for us to deepen our faith.  Career, relationships, children, indifference, complacency, etc.  “Maybe I’ll serve God after I retire or when the kids are older…” is not an uncommon thing to hear.  Yet fundamentally, we know that money, health, looks and status have an expiry date.  If not now, when?  In the words of St Augustine,


All in all, we were blessed to learn how our fellow sisters and brother put their faith into real action.  Their lives reflected

  • An attitude of gratitude – Thanking God for the big and small things in life. And to praise Him even more through difficult times.
  • He must increase, I must decrease (John 3:30) – Allowing God to subdue their pride and replacing it with a spirit of humility.  For it was in their weakness and vulnerability that God’s power and glory shone forth.

Dear Lord, it is very difficult to be a true Christian you know…  As Your disciples, we are daily challenged to pray more, love more, forgive more and to give more of ourselves.  Guide and inspire us as we open ourselves to be transformed by Your Holy Spirit.  Thank you Jesus for being our greatest treasure.  Amen! 


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