Praising God

Hello all! TGIF! I’m feeling especially more joyful today because I managed to get off work earlier and I’m grateful for the really needed break for a long time! And at times like this I want to jump around and thank the Lord! (Yes…I literally do this sometimes…).


But I stopped to think about it – praising God shouldn’t just come when something awesome comes about. I mean yes – of course we praise God about awesome things. But the problem is that the longer we live out our days, the more we take things for granted. Every single moment is a gift from God, our family members, our friends are the most wonderful gifts from God. We should even thank God for the trials we encounter because of how much stronger we emerge from it as He walk it through with us.

Colossians 3:16

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

So I really thank the Worship team for planning and leading us in such a blessed afternoon of praise and singing to God. Praising God is also a gift in itself.

Typically when you praise or affirm somebody, you provide encouragement and allow the person to grow in goodness. But in praising and worshipping God, the most amazing thing is that He is perfect in goodness and does not need any praise from us. Him being infinitely good, He can never grow in goodness. But in praising and worshipping God, we instead are the ones who heal and grow.

I used to be quite sceptical and adverse to praise & worship. I thought it was kind of a showy rock concert and I wasn’t sure if people were there for the music and fun or for God. However, as I slowly let my defences and self-image down, that was when I started to feel the healing of God through P&W. I stopped looking and judging what others are doing, but instead, I now feel the overwhelming love and mercy of God through singing out praise and truths. We can kind of say – ya, I already know God loves me. But as humans with a physical presence in this physical world – where so much of our lives revolves around our literal senses – I think it makes such a big difference to actually mouth the words and to worship with all of our bodies.



I’m also particularly grateful to the P&W team for the spirit-guided words spoken throughout the P&W session and for the petitions section. I think there is little more beautiful than having a community pray in unison for one another. I look forward to many more awesome P&W sessions to come!

AWESOME STUFF guys! And thanks for taking time and effort to practise and plan. God bless you all ^^



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