Once No People; Now God’s People

Catholic Youth Day!


Ok. I finally started panicking on Monday evening during the General Logistics admin brief. There we were, gathered in the comfy Youth Room of Office for Young People (air-conditioned with colorful beanbags and all) , receiving instructions for cleaning up the toilets. It was quite amusing initially – apparently there are many SOPs for cleaning the toilets!

I knew my mum would be annoyed – I have never cleaned my room too thoroughly before. Let alone the toilet.

Alright…I told myself. I can do it. I can do this. Just clean it up bit by bit…and it will be over. Later that night, I went to the female toilet and saw a twitching dying cockroach and all courage was lost… Eventually, I was really lucky to be assigned to the ‘balloon team’ – but I knew there was still a chance to be deployed to the toilet team!

On CYD day, we gathered our barang barangs (Log folks were told to bring change of clothes) and met at OYP. There were 1,500 chairs to be arranged neatly and the same chairs to be wiped down with a cloth. At some point I was wondering, “Can’t the participants just take a bit of dirt on their backs?” but while moving and wiping the chairs one by one, I was reminded about the couple of Treasure Retreats I attended as well as uncountable camps and events else where. How many times have we taken for granted the people who toiled in the back scenes just to provide that bit more of comfort?


I know this is going to sound super weird. But going down all sweaty and smelly with the logs team, cleaning up all the thrash that we can find and watching literally thousands of people gathering and praising God was nothing short of a miraculous experience. I loved it when Seven Graces gathered together for mass, for dinner, chilling out together, watching and supporting our friends on stage…

I kind of thought that it was a nice break. a break to do the simplest things to help. Sometimes it can get really tiring or discouraging when you have too many responsibilities on your shoulder – yes, especially us systematic workaholics of Singapore! But at the same time, I was reminded of the thin line between wanting to truly serve God and the notion of escaping the responsibilities and God’s call to do so much more for Him.


Unfortunately I didn’t get to attend the vigil, but from the looks and ‘heards’ of it, it was just perfecto. It was really amazing to see so many young teenagers spending their Saturdays together, joining the long line to be prayed over, taking the courage to reconcile with God, joining in the vigil of serenity and to deepen their relationship with God. I knew my teenage years was certainly not spent that way. But certainly it shows how much we have grown as a Catholic church. It shows the fruits of the bishop, priests, religious and other Catholics who have been working so hard to evangelize and to share God’s love with everybody.

Praise God for a successful mini World Youth Day in Singapore =D





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