God moments

What was a God moment for you today?

Sometimes when we speak about God moments, we search frantically for a memory when God touched us in extraordinary ways. Best still if we could start with, ‘There was this moment when God appeared and suddenly there was light in the darkness…’



But God shouldn’t purely be a bombastic figure in our head. God touches us in many little and ordinary ways constantly as long as we open our eyes to it. At the same time, I came to realise that such expectations typically lead to self-gratification purposes. We have to admit it. It does make a good story and it helps with the evangelical obligation that we all have. I’m not exactly sure how many people will be impressed with a story like, “A stranger smiled at me and I felt God’s presence”. However, there is something so beautiful in recognising and allowing God in the ordinary. Only then would we still find God moments in truly despondent times.


image credits: www.buildfaith.org

If you hang around with kids (or men and women who act like them…), you will know that you have to approach each one of them differently in order to get their attention. For a child who loves stories, you would share a story. For a child who loves cartoons, you would play an educational video. For a child who loves to eat…well you bribe him with candies. It’s the same with God. He knows exactly how to get to us. Where better to experience this vast diversity of God moments than from world youth day, where people from all over the world come together to share their faith. I’m really heartened to hear about how God spoke to each one of them in so many different ways. It could be through a mother’s nagging, a loved one’s death, a reconciliation with a friend, through music, through dance or simply having a burst of unexplained joy.

This morning, I was looking forward to a long overdue fellowship session at a popular cafe. I’ve only visited the cafe once earlier and there was an hour long queue going on then. Hence, I kind of resigned to the fate that we would never get a seat and have to grab food at a nearby noisy, hot and not-as-yummy food place. However, upon arrival, I realise that not only was there no line, but two empty tables ready to go! I thank God for this and we had a good long catch up session.

So, what was your God moment today?


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