God-moments from World Youth Day 2016

Last Saturday in the comfort of #02-05, we tasted a 5 Michelin Stars appetizer of Poland’s World Youth Day!

We were blessed to listen and witness how our community members have grown since their pilgrimage experience in Poland.


Yes, there were many logistical inconveniences such as flight delays, lost luggage, sharing of toilets with other pilgrims, walking for long distances and sleeping every night in a school gym with a tsunami of rhythmic sounds… Yet on hindsight, there were even more blessings and personal revelations our Lord made known to each pilgrim!

One.  The overwhelming joy and immense beauty at the universality and vastness of our Catholic Church left many pilgrims in awe. Even when words were exchanged and songs sung in multiple languages, people just connected and spiritual bonds were forged.

2016-07-23 023.JPG

Two.  Our personal relationship with our earthly father influences our relationship with our Heavenly Father and our relationships with others.  Growing up with a loving and present daddy versus a distant daddy has a lot of impact on our world view and behaviour. By God’s grace, He shed light on a sister’s growing up years with her own dad, and this helped her understand her own actions and feelings better!


Three.  All of us have fears, be it irrational or rational. Fear of lizards, fear of losing out to others, fear of struggles, fear of pain and dying.  Yet God dug deep into this one heart and helped her gradually acknowledge her own fears so that fear will no longer have a hold over true Christian living. 


Four.  Christ is enough. Let’s repeat that and let it sink in. Christ is ENOUGH. Indeed, we feel super shiok to complete assignments on schedule, have Facebook /Instagram likes, catch Pokemons, make quick bucks from investments and enjoy a discount on that item we’ve been eyeing for so long!!  Yet, these ‘high’ feelings are temporal and passing.  When all the dust has settled, for whom do we live and strive for?


Five.  We are all pilgrims on life’s journey… till God calls us back to our true home. Sometimes we’re focused and we know what matters most. Sometimes we wander and doubt, we underestimate His timing and His plans for us. Sometimes we stagnate and feel nothing, yet we strive on in faith, trusting in His goodness.  This is where solidarity and unity are experienced.  To struggle along together, to laugh together, and to pray and discern together.


Fellow pilgrim, let’s Be More courageous, life-giving and steadfast in faith.  For Christ is enough.


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