How to pray?


They say that prayer is the foundation of our faith and our relationship with God. Hence, it should be of no strangeness that we ought to be interested to power up our prayer! Personally when I pray, sometimes I just don’t know what to say. I have a list of petitions, I say them and sometimes maybe throw in a few standard prayers then thank you ah Lord and snug myself into bed…Yikes! Spelling out my prayer habits in words really make me sound like a loveless & demanding spoilt brat.

But thanks to Lionel and his flock, in this week’s session, we had an insight and also a chance to experience how we could fully optimise our prayers! Sometimes when we are stuck in prayer, here is a simple guideline to follow =)


Tell God and Jesus how much we appreciate their blessings.

This was personally quite difficult for me. The word adoration reminds me of how we can look at somebody we love and just adore Him. When I mean adore…it simply means admire, stare in awe and it just overwhelms your being with so much joy, love and happiness by His existence alone. I know all this in theory, but when I try to adore, all I kept thinking was….thank you Lord for my wonderful family, thank you Lord for the awesome lunch I had today…And everything becomes a thank you Lord for your presents to ME. I love You because You gave me so many gifts! Well…just to see how effective such a relationship can be, try telling that to your partner =p


Confess our short-comings, be specific, ask for forgiveness.

I don’t know whether this would sound weird or if anybody can relate to this. But when it comes to this portion, I have so many things to say that I can’t even end. At some point I would get so tired that I tell the Lord, “Father, you know the rest la, don’t need to say le.”

At this point of time, I suddenly realise how double standard I can be. I imagine if a friend tells me that he/she wants a sincere reconciliation with me and halfway through he/she says, “I’m really tired, if you are my friend you will forgive me of everything. Can lah, let’s just move on.” I think I will slap him/her across the face.


We give thanks.

I’m glad to say that perhaps this is one of the easier ones for myself. Giving thanks! And there is much to be thankful for everyday. However, I realise sometimes I fall short in giving thanks for petitions of others. For example, I may have prayed for victims of poverty, famine or of natural disaster. Sometimes, we don’t hear direct feedback of our prayers and I don’t feel as certain that my prayers were answered. However, deep in my heart I should have realised that no prayers are wasted! Thank the Lord God for hearing everything that we say =)


To tell God what we want.

Finally! Our favourite section, asking for things! Everyday I have such a massive list for God! But after some time, I realise there is a lot of dryness in having a list. Oftentimes when we tell our friends our troubles / needs, the friend will respond to us and we will react to that and have a conversation going. Shouldn’t it be the same with our God who is the one who desires a relationship with each one of us so much! Hence, I pray that we are able to tell God our troubles and at the same time, be still and sensitive to listen to God’s stirrings in our hearts. To know that God feels what we feel and guides us like a loving Father ❤

Happy praying! ^^


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