Rosary =)


As we enter the month of the rosary, how apt it was that we got to learn how to make a rosary just with simple pieces of string !

The one in the picture is very pretty isn’t it? Thanks to Jacqueline and her efforts for Church of St Francis of Assisi feast day, she learnt to make pretty rosaries and taught us how to do so as well! The day before I just kind of glimpsed at the video and thought, alrightey, I’ll just turn up and do these rosaries. How hard could it be?

And how wrong I was!!!

I already consider myself not too much of a perfectionist, but when I see how different the knots I made as compared to what it should be…I just had to undo them! We were told that a bracelet rosary takes about 15 minutes to do. But my grand total was….2 hours! For every knot I did, I probably had to untie it 6 times before I got it right or at least reasonably right.

I also found it a really therapeutic activity. While making the rosary, I find myself clearing my mind and occasionally chatting with the Seven Graces folks and catching up on our busy week. Sometimes I find myself quiet, just thinking about Mother Mary and her beauty and how she cares for all of us.

If you are interested to try, you can search knotted rosary tutorials on youtube or perhaps this one could suffice!

Enjoy and pray the rosary! ^^



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