Pray without ceasing


This month being the month of the rosary, we are aptly reminded on how God gently nudges us to pray unceasingly! One very helpful way we learn is through the acronym MATA.


MERCY – Asking for forgiveness. In prayer, it is crucial we take some time to reflect upon our days, behaviours and thoughts. In what ways have I turned against God and not been a true child of God? In what ways have I rejected God’s grace and love in how I treated others and myself? In what ways have I forgotten about God and His mercy? In recognising all these, we can offer them up to God and ask Him for the strength and humility to continuously turn to Him for guidance. In His mercy, we are made whole in Him again =)

ASKING – Like a doting Father, God is just waiting out there for us to ask! Ask and you shall receive. If a mother knows to give her child what he ask for, how much more will our loving Father give to us, only if we ask! I often take even more comfort that I may ask for something, but God can correct it to a desire that is greater and that brings more joy and purpose into my life even if I don’t know it myself!

THANKSGIVING – And in praising God we may feel the joy and peace in the abundant grace and mercy He has bestowed on us. In our lives, our family and friends have perhaps at some point done things for us that really got us out of sticky situations, made us feel warm and nice. And perhaps you would have the opportunity to tell them thank you. Do you feel the warm fuzzy feeling inside after that is conveyed? Its the same with God! Thank Him for all the wonderful beautiful things He has given you with a Father’s heart.

ADORATION – After all the talking above, it’s time to listen to God. After all, what’s a relationship when only one person talks? Its time to keep still and to listen to Him, His loving words guiding us and nurturing us =)



“Lord, help and guide me.
I want to live my life in such a way that each and every day I fight the good fight,
I run Your race and I keep the faith.







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