Interceding For Treasure Participants

7G headed down to OYP this weekend as part of the Intercessory Team of TREASURE 6!


I remember attending Treasure a year ago. I had just joined 7G, and the concept of “being a Catholic” had mainly existed at an academic level.

I knew the story of Jesus, the “right” way to think about moral issues, and the theology behind some Catholic practices. In other words, I had lot of “head” knowledge, but none of it had touched my heart … yet.

Treasure changed all that. It inspired me to dig deep, deep within my heart and fall crazily in love with Jesus at an intensity I didn’t know was possible. If you think that Catholics just mindlessly attend Mass and perform rituals without passion, you’ve definitely not been to Treasure.

So as a community, 7G felt that it was important to intercede and pray that God may work through the service teams and inspire a radical transformation within the hearts of each and every participant.

Come, Holy Spirit, come!



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