Are We Giving Our Sunday Best?

“Enlarge the place of your tent and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched…” – Isaiah 54:2

I’ve been all over the place these past few months:

  • Struggling to find meaning in my work
  • Striving to complete my personal projects
  • Feeling guilty about not hanging out with my friends for months
  • Wrestling with new ideas: Maybe I should learn data science? Maybe I should quit my job to “find myself”?

And as a result, my prayer life became lukewarm. I’d pray only when it was convenient, speed through the Daily Readings on my phone, and say a hurried, distracted prayer while half thinking about my to-do list for the day.

Flip-Flops Vs. Your Sunday Best

This week, at Nox Gaudii, someone shared about how in other countries, people would DRESS UP to go to Mass.  They’d put on their best suits, their formal dresses, and basically go all-out to present themselves to the Lord.

Contrast this with what many people do in Singapore, which is to appear in church with shorts, flip-flops, and spend 20% of the time texting or talking to our friends.

Are we really giving our “Sunday Best” to the Lord?

But this goes just beyond our clothes.

In life, do we just shove God into a tiny compartment in our hearts, someone that we just give “face time” to?

Or do we wake up each morning, giving our very best selves to worship Him and do His work? Do we pray wholeheartedly and passionately, in the same way that we might speak to a lover or a superhero?

I realized that I wasn’t giving the best parts of my life to the most important Person in my life: God. Instead, I was throwing my energy and spirit into my work, my projects, and leaving God with whatever that was left behind.

I was doing the equivalent of showing up in church in flip-flops and board shorts.

One Life To Live

At that same Nox Gaudii session, Fr Brian shared a phrase that really struck me:

We have one life to live and one life to give.

Here’s what he said:

“Don’t waste too much of your life on this world’s attractions and distractions as it will all fade away. Be intentional about witnessing. Everyone in Singapore is busy, but as Christians we are called to share our life, resources, and time to develop a culture of witnessing.”

That really hit home. We hardly think about our mortality, but as this excellent Wait But Why post shows, the clock is ticking.

We have one life to live. Let’s not waste it the other temporal attractions and distractions, but focus on giving our Sunday Best to the only One who matters.



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