The Story of a Life


Outreach probably isn’t new to any Singaporean. We’ll remember our fond (or not so fond!) teenage years when we participated in the legendary flag’s day, or to funfairs and car washes to raise funds…Nevertheless, it was always a day of busy-ness and we conclude with the satisfaction of having done something awesome!

And on our Seven Graces 2016 outreach, it wasn’t anything different =) We decided to do something that is so fundamental to our nature of being social beings and yet perhaps often neglected due to numerous distractions that come our way – to simply spend time speaking and wishing somebody well.

To add on to the fun and jingle of the Christmas season, we prepared Carols and little Christmas trees as giveaways! Here is us enjoying our own silliness in the song practise and art & craft.


Sometimes I find that even in the midst of outreach, it is very easy to lose focus on the main objective of it all – to bring a little joy to somebody. I was busy prepping myself to make decent Christmas trees, making sure I got all the lyrics so that I could sing correctly at the carolling, mentally prepping myself on how I can speak to patients….

And when I speak of patient – what is a patient but a label we put on somebody at a current state of his/her life. In the setting of the hospital where everybody has a role to play, we have patients placed in rows of beds in columns of cubicles arranged neatly along a ward. Patients wearing the same clothes and patients in numbered wards. It is incredibly easy to conveniently place people collectively in a box of identity that we create for them.

This all melted away as we approach them individually. There is little more we could get then to have somebody share his/her life with us. Their desires, their joys, their pains, their history and their hope. With just a simple conversation or simply a short sharing of their time, it jots me awake at the depth and richness of the life of a person. It snaps me out of purely focusing on myself and to take notice of the lives around me. It makes me aware of how God has created a profound meaning of life in each and every one of us.


And I guess that is why God created us as social beings. We thrive as we share our joys, carry each others’ burdens and pray for one another – not just within Seven Graces but also for the wider church and for every person.

Let us pray that the Lord may grant us the grace to see every person we encounter as a precious brother or sister. May we interact with everybody as such and draw strength together to lead a good life =)


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