The Sacrifices Of A Parent

I was a really bratty kid growing up.

I would wake up in the middle of the night and throw these horrendous tantrums which drove my parents nuts. They often had no choice but to do some driving themselves – That is, drive me around the neighbourhood at 2am in the morning until I fell asleep.

My parents often like to recount this story to relatives during Christmas and Chinese New Year. This always embarrasses me but also reminds me about how deep a parent’s love is.

I mean, think about it – every parent would love to have their children as quiet little angels, sleeping soundly for 10 hours a night and spending all day reading books.

But every time I unleashed Tornado Lionel and screamed at top of my lungs, I’d give my poor loving parents a headache. Yet, for all their frustrations, they still sacrificed their sleep, their time, (and probably a bit of their sanity) to gently draw me closer to them.

Now, if our imperfect parents can display such immense love towards their children, what more would our perfect Heavenly Father do for us?

For starters, He created us in a state of Original Justice and Original Holiness. We were meant to live in perfect harmony and intimacy with God, His creation, and each other.

Unfortunately, we were led astray by the devil and our very own pride. We thought that we could play God. And for sinning against an infinite being, death would have been the only suitable punishment.

God could have easily just left us to die – He doesn’t need us! But just like how most parents would never dream of leaving their kids out on the streets (although I’m sure that the thought crossed my parents’ minds more than once!), God couldn’t abandon us.

So how did God make up for our sins against an Him – an infinite Being? If God could have waved a magic wand to make it go away, I’m sure He would have. But there was no other way.

And so He sent someone infinite – His Only Begotten Son – to die for us.

So today, let’s remember Jesus’ amazing sacrifice as a Saviour. Every day at the Eucharist, He sacrifices Himself – going through the excruciating pain of death so that we may have life.

And most importantly, let’s not let His sacrifice go to waste!

As Melvin shared with us yesterday, the devil is subtle. He’s always working to undermine our bond with God – even without us knowing! Real spiritual battles are going on in our lives, every single day. #thestruggleisreal.

But as long as we always choose God and are willing to come back Him like the prodigal son, He’ll always be ready to welcome us back.

Let’s once again turn to Christ to say, “Jesus, thank you for being my Saviour. Amidst the struggles and temptations that I face each day, give me the strength to always turn back to You. Amen.”



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