Weekend go where ?

If you’re reading this article, chances are you probably having your lunch like me


The dreadful thought of burning your entire weekend with Community & Church must be rather unfathomable.

We live in a world full of engagements and involvements. Tirelessly running around to do errands, finish up work, check out the latest movie (which by the way is really really awesome)!


Week after week, we work tirelessly for THAT promotion, THAT increment, THAT House/Car.

But when was the last time we sat down…and asked ourselves “IS THAT ENOUGH?”

I myself am guilty of that (juggling 3 internships + giving tuition on the sidelines) – Don’t ask me to buy you lunch though. I can offer you something priceless : Friendship.

When was the last time we sat down to self examine what our fears/frustrations and addictions were?


We make enough in life to worry about when’s your next promotion, when will we lose our jobs..the endless ‘whens…’

Yet we forget that the Jesus has been with us thru it all. Our up’s and down’s. Our worst moments and our happiest.

Jesus has been knocking on our doors, offering us that cup of ever lasting water.


That source of comfort and solace which we can turn to. Having Faith in God DOESN’T MEAN PROBLEMS GO AWAY.

But it makes the journey slightly easier. 

And as we end the work week shortly, may we all bring along our emotional burdens and fears before Jesus. May we also open ourselves (no matter how small) to the word of the Lord.

God has called us each by name. You can run, but you will still come back (tired).


Even if you’re sian – Let God surprise you 🙂


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