Stations of the Cross

I was secretly pleased to hear that we were going to do Stations of the Cross for OYP’s day of recollection. Well…not exactly because I wanted to devote myself to prayer and commemorate Jesus’s last day. But because I was really tired from a long week and looked forward to the quiet recitation and prayer time I expected from the usual Stations of the Cross. Ultimately, I did get my rest, but not in the way I expected (such as sneaking in shut-eye periods between prayers…).

Firstly, we had to walk. Yes Singaporeans, that means getting your butts up and out of the air-con rooms! The first station was out in the carpark where pieces of brown paper were stuck to the benches. Our task was to sit and read them.


While reading it, I could feel sweat accumulating and threatening to drip off my brows. Oh…when will this end. Why can’t I read this piece of paper in a sheltered place, what difference would it make? And that’s where I catch myself again. Is it really too difficult to endure a little discomfort? It is very tempting really to reason with ourselves – if God loves me, why is it necessary for me to sacrifice this heat and tiredness for Him? What good will it do to God anyway?


As shared with our Stations of the Cross group of 20, my Lent resolution this year is to complain less. There are so many things in life I tend to complain about – the noisy commuter in the train, the parent who constantly nags at you, the co-worker who seem less than willing to cooperate, the heat in Singapore oh the heat!

Upon reflection on what I can work on to grow in my love for God – it appears to be the seemingly impossible road to not complain! I realize even when I start a little negative thought in my heart – without even vocalizing it – it starts to twirl in my thoughts and slowly snowballs into something greater and greater and before I knew it, everything I see or do in the day becomes clouded with annoyance. How little space then left in my mind and heart to love anybody?

The cross of Golgatha

Credits: Foresthillbaptistva

A station that really left an impact on me was the 10th Station – Jesus is nailed to the Cross. In this activity, we were called to remember that when Jesus was nailed, as the metal pierced through His flesh, He offered forgiveness to all. So we were invited to push the nail further into a piece of wood in the room and to call to mind a person who we are called to forgive.

As we begin to approach Easter, let us remember how every deed, word and thought of Jesus began with love for each one of us. Let us translate that to loving our family, our friends, our neighbor and ourselves.


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