This morning there was a new guy in the office. A fellow Christian sister in my office then quickly asked me if I knew he was Christian and the conversation went something like this:

Colleague: “Is he Catholic?”

Me: “Nope, he isn’t Christian. I know his wife.”

Colleague: “Is the wife Catholic?”

Me: “Nope, they are both non-Christians.”

Colleague: “Then we must bring them the truth! We must evangelize to them!”

Woah woah woah hold on there. Alarm bells went off in my head. Isn’t that too in the face? Haven’t we been scaring and pushing people off the church because we are too aggressive? Will they find it a turn off? Question after question just started popping in my head.

Very quickly I started judging how I think she may be pushing people away from the faith because of the “aggressiveness”. Then I kind of dismissed it and went along my day.

Well, at least until tonight. I attended the talk Living with Passion organized by OYP. Fr Jude did an opening sharing and this line struck a chord with me.

“You know inside we all wish to be mediocre, because we are so comfortable with everybody being okay, you okay, I okay, we all okay together.

Then we meet somebody living with passion and we call them so ‘in the face’. But we are so uncomfortable precisely because we know they excelling so much more than us in that aspect.”

Disclaimer: I have paraphrased his words due to poor memory.

I realize how true that is. What my colleague was capable to do to evangelize was beyond my means. I have recognized how I fell short of that passion for God and the courage to share it.

Have you ever had good chicken rice and you found yourself dying to share it with everyone? You try to persuade them to go and if not, you find yourself dragging them to eat it with you and you won’t give up until they give you that nod of agreement that the chicken rice is the best.

I hope one day to do the same with Jesus.

It was one of my prayers that I brought to WYD 2016 and held on tightly to – for Jesus to help me know and love Him better. I knew my hesitation to share about Jesus had strong roots in my lack of a real relationship with Him.

I think while we can take baby steps to evangelize – such as what they call passive evangelization. To lead a Christ-like life so that people may observe us and attribute our good life decisions to having Jesus in our lives. But beyond that, let us also build up our relationship with Jesus, through prayer, through action, through dying to oneself and then sharing about this best thing that we have with everyone we meet.



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