The season of Waiting

We aren’t strangers to waiting 

Whether it’s for this

Bildergebnis für li ho tea queue


Bildergebnis für Polyclinic queue
OR THIS (Trying my best to not sound like a disgruntled bourgeois)Bildergebnis für queuing up singapore

Being rather practical people, one would often find ways around waiting by either leaving earlier or taking an alternative route.

But what if it’s concerning our Spiritual Journey ?

Humanly, one would be predisposed to be frustrated during this journey. Prayer’s aren’t always answered. We have to wait ( and wait..) for a response from God

Psalm 13:1–2 writes:

How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever?How long will you hide your face from me?  How long must I take counsel in my soul and have sorrow in my heart all the day?
And i’m sure we must have all felt this way before.
I struggled with a lot of insecurities & fears. I’ve often prayed to God for an answer, a remedy of sort regarding my father, my addictions etc
But all I often got in return – Silence (And I would get angry with God)
There have been moments where Jesus has waited for us, but we have ran away either in fear or our own laziness
It’s really hard to quantify or even pen down how a relationship with God can be built through waiting
I’ve realized that waiting is a means to forge our faith.
To make us attentive to his voice.
To deepen our relationship.
To solidify our trust.
To prepare us for ministry.
To transform us into his likeness.
During this period of waiting, a great deal of self reflection can be done
– To understand why we feel a certain way
– To “cool down” and  allow ourselves to be more objective
– To foster a spirit of discipleship and trust in God (INSANELY DIFFICULT)
And as we gear towards welcoming the new enquirers, may we mindful that these group of people have been waiting too in their search for answers, a deeper meaning in this Spiritual Journey etc

And as we continue to wait, I invite you to meditate on this bible verse 

Ecclesiastes 3 – A Time for Everything


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