Ministry – 2 i’s. Only 1 God

As session yesterday came to an end, I could not help but feel somewhat challenged yet hopeful when we were told “30 Enquirers….. everyone would be a buddy”

To me, it is a privilege of sort to journey alongside a fellow Catholic 

Throughout mass at IHM, dinner and into the night I began digesting that piece of news – That someone’s spiritual journey would be “led” (not completely) by each of us. A gargantuan task.

If my memory doesn’t fail me, many of the Saints & Apostles in the history of the Catholic Church were once sinners. Each of the them have shown one thing in common – they were reluctant human beings, reluctant in will and in courage. 

Yet, the Church has always liked to use the phrase “prophetic courage” when referring to the need to hunker down and do the challenging tasks that will end up bringing about a transformation. 

Why do we need courage?  Because all transformations, especially the ones that are deep and that require one to be not just moved but yanked out of one’s zones of comfort and security.  

It will inevitably bring some form of chaos and turmoil at first. Just like how i’ve struggled to overcome a lifestyle of debauchery.

The ultimate transformation of the human heart is the work of God – it is divine work.  We human beings, even the shepherds of the flock, are but co-operators with God’s spirit. All we can is pray and let God amaze us

Sometimes, when we resist changes and reformation to things that have been on even keel for a long time, it could be that part of the problem is because we may have unidentified ego-related reasons.  The more we make it about how we feel, how we are now inconvenienced, how we are seemingly deemed irrelevant, we may have made it more about us than about Church and community. 

Ministry is a good word.  It means to be of service to others and the community at large.  But if one is not careful, one will put more emphasis on the ‘I’ in ministry.  The temptation is always there, perhaps because there is not only one “I” in the word, but two. 

If we are too hurt by changes made, remember – God’s task of transformation is invariably entrusted to reluctant human will and courage.  Some will always be more reluctant than others. 



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