Seven Graces Upcoming events


Upcoming Events!

Date/Time Session Coordinators Venue
(OYP events)

12 June Mon 8PM

Living with Passion Speaker: Tony See from Landings OYP
17 June (Sat)

2pm – 5pm

Community Living & Conflict  Maureen OYP

Past events

Formation Period

[10 Jun] Evangelisation (Outreach)

[03 Jun] Community Time (Part 2)

[27-May] Community Time (Part 1)

[20-May] Empowerment Discernment (Part 2)

[13-May] Empowerment Discernment (Part 1)

[06-May] Other events: Glenn & Christina’s wedding ❤

[29-Apr] Spiritual Warfare by Gerald Lee & Moses Loh

[22-Apr] Treasure Intercessory

[15-Apr] Easter Vigil

[08-Apr] Empowerment: Testimony Sharing

[01-Apr] OYP Day of Recollection

[24-26 Mar] RETREAT!

[18-Mar] – Christian Character by Keenan, Daniel & Maureen

[11-Mar] – Called to be a missionary disciple of Jesus by Biqi & Barry

[04-Mar] – Community Time

[25-Feb] – Personal Faith Stories by Kelvin & Matilda

[18-Feb] – Jesus is the Lord of our lives by Adel and Lionel

[11-Feb] – Jesus saves us and sets us free by Melvin and Justin

[04-Feb] – God our Father by Ian and Mag


[21-Jan] – OYP Prayer Session by Maria Vadia

[14-Jan] – Jason Evert Event – Finding love that lasts

[07-Jan] – 7G Pledging to Community as Prayer Buddies


Advent  2016

[31-Dec] – Community Time by Pastoral Team

[26-Dec] – Christmas Party!

[17-Dec] – Prayer by Ian’s Flock

[10-Dec] – Mass by Lionel’s Flock

[03-Dec] – Prayer by Crystal’s Flock


[26-Nov] – Outreach @ NUH by Outreach team & Christina’s Flock

[19-Nov] – Community Time

[12-Nov] – Carolling Practise and Prayer Outreach Prep by Daniel’s Flock

[05-Nov] – 7G Day of Recollection!

[29-Oct] – Intercessory prayer for Treasure #6

[22-Oct] – Pray without ceasing  by Jason’s Flock

[15-Oct] – OYP Day of Recollection

[08-Oct] – Community Time

[01-Oct] – Rosary fundraising project! by Christina’s Flock

[24-Sep] – Power of Prayer by Lionel’s Flock

[17-Sep] – Contemplative prayer by Pastoral team

[10-Sep] – Taize by Ian’s flock

[03-Sep] – WYD Sharing by Crystal’s flock

[27-Aug] – 7G Social boardgames!

[20-Aug] – Community Time

[13-Aug] – Gifts of God by Ian’s flock

[06-Aug] – Lectio by Christina’s Flock

[30-July] – The Lord’s Prayer

[23-July] – Prayer by Lionel’s flock

[16-July] – Prayer by Daniel’s flock

[09-July] – Lectio by Jason’s flock

[02-03 July] – Catholic Youth Day!

[25-Jun] – Bowling and dinner by Social Team

[18-Jun] – Lectio by Crystal’s Flock

[11-Jun] – Flock thanksgiving & commissioning

[04-Jun] – Lectio by Jason’s Flock

[28-May] – P&W by Prayer / Music Team

[21-May] – Lectio by Daniel’s Flock

[14-May] – Treasure Sharing

[07-May] – Lionel & Peishan’s wedding! ❤

[30-Apr] – Community Time

[23-Apr] – Lectio by Crystal’s Flock

[16-Apr] – Vocation (Consecrated Single) by Jason’s Flock and Dismas

[09-Apr] – Vocation (Religious) by Special Flock and Fiona Yeo

[02-Apr] – Lectio by Pastoral

[27-Mar] – Easter Mass + Easter lunch @ YMCA

[19-Mar] – Community Time (Solidarity, Service Team Review)

[12-Mar] – Vocation (Married Couples) by Daniel’s flock

[06-Mar] – Praying for con4 camp at Punggol Seminary

[05-Mar] – Vocation (Families) by Crystal’s flock

[27-Feb] – Outreach @ Treasure Retreat

Faith Story Sharing

[20-Feb] – Faith story sharing by Special flock

[13-Feb] – Faith story sharing by Jason’s flock

[06-Feb] – Faith story sharing intro by Matilda and Esther

[30-Jan] – Community Time

As One Series

[23-Jan] – Serving as One + Flock Blessing

[16-Jan] – Leading as One by Samantha

[09-Jan] – Living as One by Brandon and Esther

[02-Jan] – Praying as One by Deanna and Maureen

Advent 2015

[26-Dec] – Christmas Party!

[19-Dec] – Outreach at CUR

[12-Dec] – Community Time

[05-Dec] – Advent Session by Daniel & Maureen

[28-29 Nov] – Community retreat in Batam!

[26-Nov] – Discernment for Batam Trip

[21-Nov] – God and love by Glenn and Christina

[14-Nov] – Prayer by Carrie and Jeremy

[07-Nov] – Prayer by Crystal & Matilda

[31-Oct] – Community Time / Finance & Outreach Models

[17-Oct]/[24-Oct] – Videos on Mary of Nazareth

[10-Oct] – Preparing for our Eternity

[03-Oct] – Logo brainstorming! Be prepared to be creative!

[26-Sep] – Community Time and MAF fellowship! Mooncakes and Lanterns @ Jeremy and Carrie’s place!

[19-Sep] – A wedding to attend =D

[12-Sep] – Mass Symbolon Part 2

[05-Sep] – Mass Symbolon Part 1

[29-Aug] – Prayer (Divine Mercy)

[22-Aug] – Prayer (Lectio)

[15-Aug] – Prayer (Carmelite Sisters visit)

[08-Aug] – Social

[01-Aug] – Treasure retreat sharing

[25-July] – Outreach @ IMH

[18-July] – Prayers

[04-July] – Community Time – This is a time when the community comes together and discuss as one on matters of growing together in God’s grace 🙂

Ethics Series

[20-Jun] – Part 1 (Sanctity of Life)

[27-Jun] – Part 2 (Heart Issues, Hard Decisions)

[11-July] – Part 3 (Who has the dignity of a Person?)

Renew your mind

[13-Jun] – Renew Your Mind (Romans 12:2a)

[06-Jun] – Social with tidbits and boardgames!

Knowing the Gift, Receiving the Gift, Being the Gift!

[25-Apr] – Knowing the Gift (1) – Our concepts, feelings and understanding of God

[02-May] – Knowing the Gift (2) – Discovering God’s love

[09-May] – Knowing the Gift (3) – True Identity in God

[16-May] – Receiving the Gift (1) – God’s Salvation

[23-May] – Receiving the Gift (2) – Experiencing God’s forgiveness

[30-May] – Being the Gift!

[18-Apr] – Easter Celebration

Social Gathering @ Marina Barrage 4pm

Community meet-up!

Community Time – Prayer and Feedback on past sessions & update on Fr Jude’s direction for the Community

-> Accountability as a community

-> Appointing a main and assistant coordinator to make key decisions

-> New member invitation process etc…


Lent (4) Alms giving – Outreach

Lent (3) Alms giving – Outreach

Lent (2) Prayer – Stations of the Cross

Lent (1) Intro / Overview of Lent

Social (CNY Potluck)

Date: 28th Feb 2015

Awesome yummy fun 12.15pm onwards!


Date: 21st Feb 2015

Venue: St Catherine’s Room #03-05

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Community meet-up!

Time of worship, prayer/reflection and Lectio

Date: 14th Feb 2015

Venue: St Catherine’s Room #03-05

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Community meet-up!