Seven Graces Upcoming events


Upcoming Events!


Date/Time Session Coordinators Venue
25 Nov Community Time Pastoral OYP
02 Dec Outreach Spiritual Prep Outreach Team OYP
09 Dec Outreach Spiritual Prep Outreach Team OYP
 13 Dec (Wed) Hey Jude Night Outreach Team Crossings Cafe

Past events

Formation Period

[17 Jun] Community Living & Conflict

[12 Jun] Living with Passion

[10 Jun] Evangelisation (Outreach)

[03 Jun] Community Time (Part 2)

[27-May] Community Time (Part 1)

[20-May] Empowerment Discernment (Part 2)

[13-May] Empowerment Discernment (Part 1)

[06-May] Other events: Glenn & Christina’s wedding ❤

[29-Apr] Spiritual Warfare by Gerald Lee & Moses Loh

[22-Apr] Treasure Intercessory

[15-Apr] Easter Vigil

[08-Apr] Empowerment: Testimony Sharing

[01-Apr] OYP Day of Recollection

[24-26 Mar] RETREAT!

[18-Mar] – Christian Character by Keenan, Daniel & Maureen

[11-Mar] – Called to be a missionary disciple of Jesus by Biqi & Barry

[04-Mar] – Community Time

[25-Feb] – Personal Faith Stories by Kelvin & Matilda

[18-Feb] – Jesus is the Lord of our lives by Adel and Lionel

[11-Feb] – Jesus saves us and sets us free by Melvin and Justin

[04-Feb] – God our Father by Ian and Mag


[21-Jan] – OYP Prayer Session by Maria Vadia

[14-Jan] – Jason Evert Event – Finding love that lasts

[07-Jan] – 7G Pledging to Community as Prayer Buddies


Advent  2016

[31-Dec] – Community Time by Pastoral Team

[26-Dec] – Christmas Party!

[17-Dec] – Prayer by Ian’s Flock

[10-Dec] – Mass by Lionel’s Flock

[03-Dec] – Prayer by Crystal’s Flock


[26-Nov] – Outreach @ NUH by Outreach team & Christina’s Flock

[19-Nov] – Community Time

[12-Nov] – Carolling Practise and Prayer Outreach Prep by Daniel’s Flock

[05-Nov] – 7G Day of Recollection!

[29-Oct] – Intercessory prayer for Treasure #6

[22-Oct] – Pray without ceasing  by Jason’s Flock

[15-Oct] – OYP Day of Recollection

[08-Oct] – Community Time

[01-Oct] – Rosary fundraising project! by Christina’s Flock

[24-Sep] – Power of Prayer by Lionel’s Flock

[17-Sep] – Contemplative prayer by Pastoral team

[10-Sep] – Taize by Ian’s flock

[03-Sep] – WYD Sharing by Crystal’s flock

[27-Aug] – 7G Social boardgames!

[20-Aug] – Community Time

[13-Aug] – Gifts of God by Ian’s flock

[06-Aug] – Lectio by Christina’s Flock

[30-July] – The Lord’s Prayer

[23-July] – Prayer by Lionel’s flock

[16-July] – Prayer by Daniel’s flock

[09-July] – Lectio by Jason’s flock

[02-03 July] – Catholic Youth Day!

[25-Jun] – Bowling and dinner by Social Team

[18-Jun] – Lectio by Crystal’s Flock

[11-Jun] – Flock thanksgiving & commissioning

[04-Jun] – Lectio by Jason’s Flock

[28-May] – P&W by Prayer / Music Team

[21-May] – Lectio by Daniel’s Flock

[14-May] – Treasure Sharing

[07-May] – Lionel & Peishan’s wedding! ❤

[30-Apr] – Community Time

[23-Apr] – Lectio by Crystal’s Flock

[16-Apr] – Vocation (Consecrated Single) by Jason’s Flock and Dismas

[09-Apr] – Vocation (Religious) by Special Flock and Fiona Yeo

[02-Apr] – Lectio by Pastoral

[27-Mar] – Easter Mass + Easter lunch @ YMCA

[19-Mar] – Community Time (Solidarity, Service Team Review)

[12-Mar] – Vocation (Married Couples) by Daniel’s flock

[06-Mar] – Praying for con4 camp at Punggol Seminary

[05-Mar] – Vocation (Families) by Crystal’s flock

[27-Feb] – Outreach @ Treasure Retreat

Faith Story Sharing

[20-Feb] – Faith story sharing by Special flock

[13-Feb] – Faith story sharing by Jason’s flock

[06-Feb] – Faith story sharing intro by Matilda and Esther

[30-Jan] – Community Time

As One Series

[23-Jan] – Serving as One + Flock Blessing

[16-Jan] – Leading as One by Samantha

[09-Jan] – Living as One by Brandon and Esther

[02-Jan] – Praying as One by Deanna and Maureen

Advent 2015

[26-Dec] – Christmas Party!

[19-Dec] – Outreach at CUR

[12-Dec] – Community Time

[05-Dec] – Advent Session by Daniel & Maureen

[28-29 Nov] – Community retreat in Batam!

[26-Nov] – Discernment for Batam Trip

[21-Nov] – God and love by Glenn and Christina

[14-Nov] – Prayer by Carrie and Jeremy

[07-Nov] – Prayer by Crystal & Matilda

[31-Oct] – Community Time / Finance & Outreach Models

[17-Oct]/[24-Oct] – Videos on Mary of Nazareth

[10-Oct] – Preparing for our Eternity

[03-Oct] – Logo brainstorming! Be prepared to be creative!

[26-Sep] – Community Time and MAF fellowship! Mooncakes and Lanterns @ Jeremy and Carrie’s place!

[19-Sep] – A wedding to attend =D

[12-Sep] – Mass Symbolon Part 2

[05-Sep] – Mass Symbolon Part 1

[29-Aug] – Prayer (Divine Mercy)

[22-Aug] – Prayer (Lectio)

[15-Aug] – Prayer (Carmelite Sisters visit)

[08-Aug] – Social

[01-Aug] – Treasure retreat sharing

[25-July] – Outreach @ IMH

[18-July] – Prayers

[04-July] – Community Time – This is a time when the community comes together and discuss as one on matters of growing together in God’s grace 🙂

Ethics Series

[20-Jun] – Part 1 (Sanctity of Life)

[27-Jun] – Part 2 (Heart Issues, Hard Decisions)

[11-July] – Part 3 (Who has the dignity of a Person?)

Renew your mind

[13-Jun] – Renew Your Mind (Romans 12:2a)

[06-Jun] – Social with tidbits and boardgames!

Knowing the Gift, Receiving the Gift, Being the Gift!

[25-Apr] – Knowing the Gift (1) – Our concepts, feelings and understanding of God

[02-May] – Knowing the Gift (2) – Discovering God’s love

[09-May] – Knowing the Gift (3) – True Identity in God

[16-May] – Receiving the Gift (1) – God’s Salvation

[23-May] – Receiving the Gift (2) – Experiencing God’s forgiveness

[30-May] – Being the Gift!

[18-Apr] – Easter Celebration

Social Gathering @ Marina Barrage 4pm

Community meet-up!

Community Time – Prayer and Feedback on past sessions & update on Fr Jude’s direction for the Community

-> Accountability as a community

-> Appointing a main and assistant coordinator to make key decisions

-> New member invitation process etc…


Lent (4) Alms giving – Outreach

Lent (3) Alms giving – Outreach

Lent (2) Prayer – Stations of the Cross

Lent (1) Intro / Overview of Lent

Social (CNY Potluck)

Date: 28th Feb 2015

Awesome yummy fun 12.15pm onwards!


Date: 21st Feb 2015

Venue: St Catherine’s Room #03-05

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Community meet-up!

Time of worship, prayer/reflection and Lectio

Date: 14th Feb 2015

Venue: St Catherine’s Room #03-05

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Community meet-up!